A Women of Color’s Guide To Exponential Wealth

Millennial Wealth Builders by Danielle Desir (Host of The Thought Card Podcast) and Acquania Escarne (Host of The Purpose of Money Podcast) is a 12-part audio docuseries highlighting practical strategies millennial women of color are using to build wealth. Millennial Wealth Builders is the proud recipient of the Plutus Foundation Fall 2020 Grant, The Black and Brown Podcast Collective, and iFundWomen of Color.

Our mission is to spark dialogues that will normalize wealth-building conversations amongst women of color. Passionate about sharing real stories and honest conversations, we exclusively feature Black women and other women of color who have discovered wealth-building strategies less known in our community.

Our goal is to empower our listeners to take action, obtain wealth, and close the wealth gap.

New episodes are published on the 1st of each month.

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